FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules

The Federal Trade Commission released its new rules for Disclosure Compliance in 2015.

To ensure that visitors to online media are aware if the blogger or publisher is sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with a different business, these regulations have been established. It is important for readers to know whether the content provider is earning money by sharing a link or product.

Please remember that all of the hyperlinks and articles on this site are considered to be in compliance with the FTC’s standards.

I may earn a commission through your purchase at Amazon, NewEgg, Walmart. For other purchases made via links on PCBuilding.net, there are no extra costs to you; it simply helps us keep the lights on!

What Are Affiliate Links?

Purchases are made on affiliate company websites of external affiliate companies: when a visitor clicks on an affiliate link on PCBuilding.net to purchase anything, the customer purchases the item from the seller directly (not from us).

Affiliate organizations pay a ‘small fee’ to assist us to bring consumers to their website.

If you click on the affiliate link to purchase anything, the price is exactly the same whether you use an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. The cost of visiting with either an affiliate or non-affiliate connection is unaffected by clicking one of these links.

We use various types of affiliate programs:

1. Product Linking

I will receive a commission or other form of the remuneration if you click through to a product affiliate link and make a sale.

The prices are the same whether or not you utilize these affiliate links. You will not be charged more by going to the link, and these links aren’t “pay per click.”

2. Amazon Affiliate

PCBuilding.net is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate or Amazon Associates Program, which permits us to associate with Amazon products and earn advertising fees or commissions for successful purchases.

What About Sponsored Content?

I don’t write sponsored articles and I always want to give accurate, non-biased information about everything on my website. However, if a business wishes to publish sponsored material on ‘PCBuilding.net,’ I will clearly state this at the start of the post.

The bottom line is that I only suggest items that I use myself or would recommend to family and friends.

Your purchase helps support my research efforts.

Thank you a million times! I am grateful to you!